A Celtic Invocation

A Celtic Invocation
(Anthem for SA/TB Chorus and Keyboard Accompaniment)
Dan Locklair

In 1978, while living in Binghamton, New York, I set three ancient Celtic invocations and did so with a variety of scoring: One was for SA/TB chorus and keyboard accompaniment, one for SSA chorus and keyboard accompaniment and one for SATB chorus, a cappella. All three were published in 1982 by Music 70 and, later, reassigned to Subito.

A Celtic Invocation is for SA/TB Chorus and Keyboard Accompaniment and is dedicated to my father, Archie Greer Locklair. It is approximately two minutes in length.
Dan Locklair

God guide me with Thy wisdom,
God chastise me with Thy justice,
God help me with Thy mercy,
God protect me with Thy strength.

God fill me with Thy fullness,
God shield me with Thy shade,
God fill me with Thy grace,
For the sake of Thine Anointed Son.

Jesu Christ of the seed of David,
Visiting One of the Temple,
Sacrificial Lamb of the Garden,
Who died for me.