New Compositions

» Jubal’s Muse for solo harp (2010) 4’00”
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» Concerto for Organ and Orchestra (2010) 22′ 00″
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» Arise in Beauty (Text: Angier Brock) (2010) 7’00”
Anthem for SATB Chorus and Organ
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In the Sight of God (Text: The First Letter of Peter: Ch. 2, vs. 2-5) (2009) 3′ 30″
An Anthem for SATB Chorus, a cappella
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Glory and Peace (2008) 14’00”
A Suite of Seven Reflections for Organ
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DESCANTS to Traditional Hymns (2007-2008)
Thirty-seven descants based on traditional hymns
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Thanksgiving (Text: Psalm 65 vs. 6-13) (2008) 4’00”
Anthem for SATB Chorus & Organ
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The Lilacs Bloomed (Text: Walt Whitman) (2009) 8’00”
A Choral Triptych for SATB Chorus and Piano
based on Walt Whitman’s “When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom’d”
1. “…I mourned”
2. “…fallen star”
3. “…a miracle”
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Singing English translations have been added to three of Dan Locklair’s most popular Latin motets:
Pater Noster [Our Father] (SATB chorus, divisi, a cappella)
O Sacrum Convivium [O Sacred Banquet] (SATB chorus, a cappella)
Ubi caritas [Where Affection and Love Abide] (Unison chorus and organ)

Good Tidings from the Holy Beast – A revised, newly engraved edition of Dan Locklair’s one-act Christmas opera based on The Wrightes Play from The Chester Miracle Cycle. (Contact Suzanne Ford, Director of Promotions at Subito for more information:

New publication from United Music Publishers, Ltd. (London):
Dan Locklair’s festive toccata for organ, Dance the Joy!, was one of eight pieces commissioned for a new organ publication from United Music Publishers, Ltd. in London entitled, ORGANWORKS! Edited by David Titterington of the Royal Academy of Music, this unique volume is specific to organ playing and teaching in the 21st century. Visit

In Memory – H.H.L. (2005) 4′00″ for String Orchestra
Previously a rental item, Subito has recently made this composition “for sale.”

St. John’s Suite (2007) 12’00”
Four chorale preludes for organ
Dan Locklair’s latest published organ work