A Pilgrim’s Lot

A Pilgrim’s Lot
(A Concert Piece for Band)
by Dan Locklair

A Pilgrim’s Lot (A Concert Piece for Band) was composed for my Wake Forest University colleague, Kevin Bowen, and the Wake Forest University Band Program. In one movement, the composition is based on a melody entitled, A Pilgrim’s Lot, from the early American shape-note hymnal, The Sacred Harp, 1860.

The opening of the piece, for percussion alone, energetically introduces the main melodic and rhythmic ideas of the piece. Soon, the full band enters and begins to develop the material. With dialogues between the divisions of the band abounding, the piece alternates contrasting rhythmic and lyrical sections before a climax is reached. After the climax, a slow, gentle section emerges where, for the first time, the A Pilgrim’s Lot hymn tune is fully heard. Following this section, the piece repeats to the opening material and, eventually, leads to a coda where percussion solos recall the piece’s dramatic and rhythmical beginning, bringing A Pilgrim’s Lot to a vibrant close.
Dan Locklair
Winston-Salem, NC
June 2000

A Pilgrim’s Lot
is scored for:

Flutes 1, 2
Oboes 1, 2
English Horn
Bassoons 1,2
Clarinet in E♭
Clarinets in B♭ 1, 2, 3
Bass Clarinet in E♭
Contrabass Clarinet in BB♭
Alto Saxophone 1, 2 in E♭
Tenor Saxophone in B♭
Baritone Saxophone in E♭

Horns in F 1, 2, 3, 4
Trumpets in B♭ 1, 2, 3, 4
Trombones 1, 2, 3
Bass Trombone
Baritones (Bass Clef)
String Bass
Timpani (4)
Percussion (4)

Perc. #1 – Chimes, Glock., Vibes
Perc. #2 – Large Suspended Cymbal, Crash Cymbals, Tam-tam
Perc. #3 – Tom Toms (4), Xyl., Bell Tree
Perc. #4 – Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Temple Blocks (5)