Dan Locklair: From East to West Dan Locklair: From East to West & Other Choral Works
The Choir of Royal Holloway, conducted by Rupert Gough, with organist David Goode and the Onyx Brass
Convivium Records (UK)
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Dan Lockliar: Requiem Dan Locklair Requiem
The Choir of Royal Holloway, Organist Martin Baker and the Southern Sinfonia, conducted by Rupert Gough
Convivium Records (UK)
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Parallels - Alexander Ffinch Parallels
Alexander Ffinch, organ
Rubrics (A Liturgical Suite for Organ) – Dan Locklair
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Bruton Capella CD O Sing Unto the Lord A New Song – The Bruton Capella
Arise in Beauty – Dan Locklair
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The Organ of St.Bartholomew's Church, Orford, Suffolk - Catherine Ennis The Organ of St.Bartholomew’s Church, Orford, Suffolk – Catherine Ennis
The peace by be exchanged – Dan Locklair
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New Music for a New Organ New Music for a New Organ: Rebecca Davy, JanEl Will, Organists
Holy Seasons (Four Tone Poems for Organ) – Dan Locklair
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Panagaea Chamber Players: Three Perspectives Panagaea Chamber Players: Three Perspectives
Reynolda Reflections – Dan Locklair
(flute, cello and piano)
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Locklair: Symphony No. 2 "America" CD Dan Locklair Symphony No.2, “America”
Symphony No.2 “America”
Hail the Coming Day
Concerto for Organ and Orchestra
PHOENIX for orchestra

Slovak National Symphony Orchestra, led by Kirk Trevor and Michael Roháč. Organ soloist is Peter Mikula.
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Robert Parkins: Salome's Dance Robert Parkins: Salome’s Dance
In Memory – H.H.L. (Solo Organ Version) – Dan Locklair
Noel’s Psalm (Sonata for Organ) – Dan Locklair
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Beneath the Incense Tree Beneath the Incense Tree: Music for Advent, Christmas & Epiphany
The Choir of Trinity College, Melbourne, conducted by Christopher Watson
Angel Song – Dan Locklair
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Dan Locklair Gloria Dan Locklair Gloria
Sospiri, conducted by Christopher Watson
Winchester College Chapel Choir with the Portsmouth Grammar School Chamber Choir, led by Malcolm Archer
Convivium Records (UK)
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Dan Locklair: Requiem Dan Locklair: Requiem
The Choir of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
Members of the Winston-Salem Symphony
Matthew Brown & Dr. John Cummins
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Illuminations, Dances and Poems Illuminations, Dances and Poems
Illumina Duo
Trumpet: Ellie Lovegrove
Organ: Richard Moore
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Southerly Southerly: Art Songs of the American South
Dan Locklair, composer
Jos Milton, tenor; Melinda Coffey Armstead, piano
Albany Records
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Patrick A. Scott, Organist | Swing Low Patrick A. Scott, Organist
Swing Low (from A Spiritual Pair) – Locklair
Raven CDs
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Fire Pink Trio: Poetry in Motion| Dream Steps Fire Pink Trio – Poetry in Motion
Dream Steps – Locklair
Fire Pink Trio (Debra Reuter-Pivetta, flute; Sheila Browne, viola; Jacquelyn Bartlett, harp)
MSR Classics MS 1511 (Albany Records, distributors)
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Tapestries: The Choral Music of Dan Locklair Tapestries – Choral Music of Dan Locklair
Bel Canto Company performs Holy Canticles, Alleluia Dialogues, Instant Culture, On Cats, Break Away!, Dona Nobis Pacem, Proclaim the Lord, A Christmas Carol and Three Christmas Motets.
The Choral Art Society performs Windswept (the trees), For Amber Waves, Tapestries, Brief Mass, Changing Perceptions and Epitaph.
MSR Classics 1463
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Rubrics (A Liturgical Suite for Organ) [1988], Salem Sonata for organ [2003], PHOENIX Processional (Solo Organ Version) [1996 – from PHOENIX Fanfare and Processional) [1979/85], Celebration (Variations for Organ) [2003], The Æolian Sonata for organ [2002] and In Mystery and Wonder (The Casavant Diptych) [2004].
Marilyn Keiser, organ
Loft Recordings LRCD-1110
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Symphony of Seasons; Lairs of Soundings; Phoenix and Again; In Memory H.H.L.; Concerto for Harp and Orchestra.
Kirk Trevor, Jacquelyn Bartlett, and the Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra
Naxos CD (#8.559337)
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Dan Locklair: Orchestral Music Dan Locklair: Orchestral Music
HUES for orchestra; Dayspring for guitar and orchestra; In the Autumn Days (A Symphony for Chamber Orchestra); Creation’s Seeing Order (A Prelude for Orchestra); “Ere long we shall see…” for organ and orchestra; When Morning Stars Begin to Fall.
Josef Zsapka, guitar; Gregory D’Agostino, organ
Kirk Trevor, conductor; Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra
Albany Records (CD) Troy 517
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Dan Locklair: Choral Music Dan Locklair: Choral Music
Windswept (the trees); For Amber Waves; Tapestries; Brief Mass; “changing perceptions” and EPITPAH.
Robert Russell, conductor and the Choral Art Society of Portland, Maine
Gasparo GSCD-306 (Albany Records, distributors)
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Dan Locklair: Chamber Works Dan Locklair: Chamber Works
Reynolda Reflections; In the Almost Evening; Music of Quince; “…the moon commands…”, Dream Steps; Constellations.
Mallarmé Chamber Players (Anna Ludwig Wilson, flute; Kelly Burke, clarinet; Hsiao-Mei Ku, violin; Thomas Warburton, piano)
Albany Records Troy 701/2 (CD)
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Dan Locklair: Holy Canticles, Sacred and Secular Choral Music Dan Locklair: Holy Canticles, Sacred and Secular Choral Music
Holy Canticles; Alleluia Dialogues; Instant Culture; On Cats; Break Away!; Dona Nobis Pacem; Proclaim the Lord; A Christmas Carol; Three Christmas Motets.
David Pegg conductor and the Bel Canto Company
Gasparo GSCD-325 (Albany Records, distributors)
Windows of Comfort Windows of Comfort (Organ Books I & II complete)
Marie Rubis Bauer, organ
Recital Recordings RRCD 9802
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817 SW Harrison
Topeka, Kansas 66612
Phone: 785.233.9601
E-mail: info@fpctopeka.org
Into the House and Gate of Heaven CD Music for All Saints Day
Into the House and Gate of Heaven

Remembrance – LocklairThe Choirs of the Cathedral of St. Philip (Atlanta)
David Fishburn, organ
Dale Adelmann, director
Gothic G-49291 (Naxos, dist.)
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Opus 76 Opus 76 (Alan Morrison at Verizon Hall, Philadelphia)
Rubrics (IV. “The Peace May be Exchanged”) – Locklair, Alan Morrison, organ
ACA Digital Recording CM 20108
Ji-yoen Choi: Piano Recital Ji-yoen CHOI: Organ Recital
Ayre for the Dance – Locklair
Ji-yoen, organ
Naxos #8555367
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American Music from St. Thomas American Music from Saint Thomas
Brief Mass; Pater Noster – Locklair
Choir of Men and Boys of Saint Thomas Church Fifth Avenue, New York City, Gerre Hancock, conductor
Koch KIC-CD7567
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The World's Desire - Christmas at Loretto The World’s Desire – Christmas at Loretto
Ave Maria – Locklair
South Bend Chamber Singers, Nancy Menk, conductor
Pro Organo CD 7229
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American Voyage; Alan Morrison, organ American Voyage, Alan Morrison, organ
VOYAGE (A Fantasy for Organ) – Locklair
ACA Digital CD CM2000094 (Albany Records distributor)
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Music for a Sacred Place Music for a Sacred Place
Pater Noster – Locklair
Cathedral Choral Society (DC) J. Reilly Lewis, Music Director
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My Spirit Sang All Day My Spirit Sang All Day…
Pater Noster; Create in Me A Clean Heart – Locklair
The Vocal Arts Ensemble of Durham, Rodney Wynkoop, conductor
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From East to West From East to West
From East to West – Locklair
Indianapolis Symphonic Choir, Eric Stark, conductor
Indianapolis Symphonic Choir CD label
Available from Indianapolis Symphonic Choir
American Composers Salute An American Composers Salute
Creation’s Seeing Order (A Prelude for Orchestra) – Locklair
Paul Freeman, conductor, Orchestra of the Americas
Pro-Arte (Intersound) CDS 3413
Pater Noster Pater Noster: Settings of the Lord’s Prayer
Pater Noster – Locklair
The Choir of The Abbey School, Tewkesbury (England),
directed by Benjamin Nicholas
Priory Records CD #PRCD 787
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An Old Salem Christmas An Old Salem Christmas
Sonata da Chiesa – Locklair
Laura Dangerfield, flute; Scott Carpenter, organ
Raven CD (OAR-860)
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Salem’s Large Tannenberg Organ Restored Salem’s Large Tannenberg Organ Restored
Salem Sonata – Locklair
Peter Sykes, organ
Raven CD OAR-700
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Sounds Phenomenal Sounds Phenomenal
Rubrics (complete) – Locklair
Thomas Trotter, organ
Birmingham Symphony Hall label SHCD3
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Sounds of Southwell Sounds of Southwell
Rubrics (complete) – Locklair
Simon Bell, organ
Regent Records REGCD239
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Rubrics: The People Respond - Amen! Rubrics: The People Respond – Amen!
Rubrics (complete) – Locklair
Marilyn Keiser, organ
pro organo CD 7025 (Zarex Corp., 800-336-2224 or Albany Records, distributors)
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Into the Millenium Into the Millennium: The Harpsichord In The 20th Century
The Breakers Pound – Locklair
Elaine Funaro, harpsichord
Gasparo GSCD-331 (Albany Records, distributors)
20th Century Harpsichord Music, Volume 2 20th Century Harpsichord Music, Volume II
The Breakers Pound – Locklair
Barbara Harbach, harpsichord
Gasparo GSCD-266 (Albany Records, distributors)
So Much Beauty So Much Beauty
In the Almost Evening – Locklair
Janeanne Houston, soprano, Robert Jorgensen, piano, Craig Rine, clarinet
Elmgrove CD (www.elmgroveproductions.com)
Sing to the Lord New Songs Sing to the Lord New Songs
Magnificat (Montréal Service) – Locklair
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Choir, Indianapolis, IN
Frank Boles, Director, Edie Johnson, Organist
Pro Organo CD 7178
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Living Mysteries Living Mysteries
Three Nativity Songs (for soprano and string quartet) – Locklair
Janeanne Houston, soprano
Frivolous Harpsichord Frivolous Harpsichord
Cluster’s Last Stand (on the ground); “Rag” from The Breakers Pound – Locklair
Jukka Tiensuu, harpsichord
Ondine ODE 891-2
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Contemporary Organ Music Contemporary Organ Music
Rubrics (complete); Ayre for the Dance; Pageant for Sally; Inventions (complete) – Locklair
Barbara Harbach, organ
Gasparo GSCD-277 (Albany Records, distributors)
Chamber Music for Harp, Flute and Strings Chamber Music for Harp, Flute and Strings
Dream Steps – Locklair
Mallarmé Chamber Players (Anna Ludwig Wilson, flute; Jonathan Bagg, viola; Jacquelyn Bartlett, harp)
Capstone Records CPS 8638 (Albany Records, distributors)
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Celestial Fire Celestial Fire
Windows of Comfort – Locklair
Douglas Cleveland, organ
Gothic (Koch)
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New Music New Music for Organ and Percussion
Constellations (Concerto for Organ and Percussion) – Locklair
George Ritchie, organ, Albert Rometo, percussion
Titanic Records Ti-175
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Spiritual Pairs Spiritual Pairs – Marilyn Keiser, organ
A Spiritual Pair (Diptych for Organ) – Locklair
Pro Organo CD 7067
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Lyrical Trumpet II Lyrical Trumpet II
PHOENIX Processional (for trumpet and organ) – Locklair
Phil Snedecor, trumpet; Paul Skevington, organ
Summit CD 494
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