Known Errata in Dan Locklair’s Publications

(N.B. Many of the errors noted on this page will have been corrected in later editions.)


GLORIA parts Subito
Trumpet 1 in B-flat:
COVER “Trumpet 1 in B-flat” needs space between “1” and “in”
ms. 98 Half note should be third space C-natural (not B-flat)
125 Should be C-natural (remove flat)
263 Directive should read: (Trombone 1 or Horn)
296 Second note should be C-natural (remove flat)

Trumpet 2 in B-flat:
ms. 140 Remove slur between “C” and “A” (in ms. 141)
160 Second quarter-note should be a “D” (not “C”)
173 Notes should be “G-sharp” and “A-sharp” (not “F-sharp” and “G-sharp”)
177 Second note should be F-sharp (add sharp)
183 Second note should be F-sharp (add sharp)
187 Second note should be F-sharp (add sharp)
236 Eliminate tie from half-note to ms. 237
263 Directive should read: (Trombone 1 or Horn)
310 Tied note should be “D” (not “C”)
311,313-315 Cue notes should be up a M2nd (D….G, F-sharp, G, G, A)
316 Notes should be : “E, F-sharp, E, A” (not D, E,D, G)
335 Eliminate ¾ time signature
400-401Notes should be “E” “C” “C” C” “C”” (not “D” “B” “B” “B” “B”)
422 Eliminate flat from “F”
442 Add flat to “B”

Trumpet 3 in B-flat:
ms. 19-23 Last note of #19 should be E-flat (not “D”); ms. 20-23 should be tied “D’s” (not “C’s”)
239 Add sharp to last note (8th) : F-sharp
263 Directive should read: (Trombone 1 or Horn)

Trumpet 4 in B-flat:
ms. 420 Eliminate flat on first note (should be “F” not F-flat)

ms. 157 Eliminate slur between second (quarter-note) and third note (eighth-note)
334-335Barline is missing between these two measures. Please add.

Trombone 1:
ms. 157 Eliminate slur between second (quarter-note) and third note (eighth-note)

Bass Trombone:
ms. 157 Eliminate slur between second (quarter-note) and third note (eighth-note)

ms. 17 Three-slash roll symbol missing. Add (like in ms. 21).

Remembrance (A Choral Piece for SATB chorus, Organ & Trumpet) Subito
Page 13 ms. 105, pedal part:
The upper pedal note should be a whole-note tied to an eighth-note followed by a dotted-eighth rest.
The upper slur should end at the eighth-note. The two organ crescendo markings in this measure
should begin at beat 3. (These corrections have been made in the publisher masters as of 24 March 2010.)

Brief Mass (for SSAATTBB Chorus, a cappella) eck-R/HL

II. Gloria
Page 28, ms.74, Choir II, Soprano part:
Omit eighth rest

III. Credo
Page 33, ms. 18, Bass part:
Second note is “G” (not “F”)

Page 41, ms. 89, Tenor part:
Only one bar line should be present

V. Agnus Dei
Page 63, ms. 23, Soprano II part:
Tie first “A” to second “A”

Page 63, ms. 23, Alto I part:
Second beat “F” should be tied to third beat “F”

O Sacrum Convivium (Motet for SATB Chorus, a cappella) Subito
Page 3 (i.e. opening page of music), tempo indication:
M.M. mark should indicate the half note as the unit of beat (not the quarter note)

Pater Noster (Motet for SATB Chorus [divisi], a cappella) Subito
Page 4, ms. 20, Soprano part:
First syllable should be “Si-“ ( not “Sil-”)

Page 5, ms. 24, Tenor part:
Second syllable (“ra”) should be sung with whole-note “B”

Page 5, ms. 29, Tenor and Bass part text:
Tenor I – Slur should stop at the C-sharp (beat 2);

“-num” should be sung on the quarter-note “D” and slurred to “E”

Tenor II – Omit slur;

“num” should be sung on second beat “A”

Page 6, ms. 37, RH of piano reduction:
Add sharp to “G”

Psalm 96 [“O Sing to the Lord a New Song”] (Anthem for SATB Chorus and Piano) Subito
Page 12, ms. 78, Piano:
Add dim. hairpin sign for full measure

Page 12, ms. 79, Piano:
Add “mf ” on beat one

Page 13, ms. 87, Piano:
Eliminate “cresc.

Page 13, ms. 88, Piano:
Eliminate “(mp)

Page 14, ms. 89, Piano:
Eliminate “mf” (The crescendo hairpin remains)

Page 14, ms. 90, 1st beat of S,A,T,B parts:
Make “f” a “ff

Page 14, ms. 90, 2nd beat of S,A,T,B parts:
Make “sfzp” a “sffzp

The Texture of Creation (for Double SATB Chorus, Brass Quintet, Timpani & Organ), full score, Subito.
Page 15, ms. 69, all measures:
The time signature (should be 2/4. (N.B. The choral score is correct.)



The Breakers Pound (A Dance Suite for Harpsichord) eck-R/HL
Page 2 (Preface):

The fifth line of the Stephen Sandy poem, Freeway, should read:
Dark waves totter in forest light

Page 16 (IV. Postlude), ms. #1:
All right-hand pitches in this measure should be repetitions of the B-flat/C/D-flat first chord

LH, ms. #53, the second chord should be G-flat/B-flat/D-flat



In the Autumn Days (A Symphony for Chamber Orchestra) Subito
Page 72 (full score), measure 120, Violin 1 & 2:
The quarter-tone eighth-note should be on the third line above the staff (i.e. “E”) instead of the second space. (This same correction should be made in the parts as well.)



Triptych for Manuals Subito
In yellow cover H.W. Gray first edition (now corrected in current edition):
Last measure, page 3 manual change is I (not II)


Inventions eck-R/HL
3. Levity
Page 12, 2nd system, 2nd measure:
R-F (not F-R)

5. Agonies and Ecstasies
Page 23, 3rd system, 2nd measure:
Add legato slur over 1st beat (like 1st measure of the piece)


Rubrics eck-R/HL
1. “…’Hallelujah,’…
Page 3, 1st system, 1st measure:
Add “8va” over first right-hand note (later editions corrected)

3. “…and thanksgivings…”
Page 17, 4th system, 13th and 23rd LH notes:
Omit staccato dots

Page 17, 4th system, 22nd LH note:
Add staccato dot

5. “The people respond – Amen!”
Correction for a previous correction – Page 24, measure #7:
Neither the “F” nor “A-flat” (i.e. third and sixth chords) should be tied. However, the fourth chord (i.e. “B-flat/E-flat,” which is tied) should have a slur into the sixth chord (“F/A-flat”).

Page 26, measure #39:
Slur should be from the fourth chord (i.e. F/A-flat) to the sixth chord (i.e. E-flat/B-flat)


Windows of Comfort, Organbook I eck-R/HL
2. “As the hart panteth…”
Page 9, measure #1:
Add eighth rest at end of bar


Windows of Comfort, Organbook II eck-R/HL
1. Matthew’s Call
Page 11, measure # 131:
Omit stray circle over 3rd LH sonority

2. “…a teacher come from God…”
Page 15, Letter K:
RH, manual I registration is “(reed 8′)”

Page 18, Letter Y:
Manual indication should be: “I (solo reed)”

Page 19, Letter BB
Registration for Manual III is strings

5. Christ’s Ascension
Page 33, measures #83 – 84:
RH legato slur should extend from the third note in #83 to the final 16th note of measure #84


PHOENIX Processional (Solo Organ Version) eck-R/HL
Page 6, measure #67:
Add flat to “A” in RH chord


Sonata da chiesa (for flute and organ) eck-R/HL
Page 10 in full score, ms. #66:
Rhythm of LH chord should be like ms. 54

Page 15 in full score, ms. #37:
Add flat to top RH note


Glory and Peace Subito
Timings have been revised on the inside program note page.
Total duration = ca. 18’ 5’ 1’ 30” 1’ 5’ 1’ 30” 1’ 20” 3’


St. John’s Suite Subito
These errors were corrected early on and only a few printed copies have them.

Page 6, measure #66, RH :
Add staccato dot to low “D” of first chord

Page 6, measure #70, Pedal :
“(reduce)” from ms. 71 should start on beat 2 of measure #70

Page 16, measure #36 :
1) LH : “A”, like “F”, should be a dotted-whole note
2) Pedal: First note should be quarter-note “D”, followed by a quarter-note
“C” below it, resolving back to whole-note “D”.

Page 26, measure #165 : May add Zymbelstern here.

Page 26, measure #178 : Remove Zymbelstern on final note


Publisher codes:

eck-R/HL = e.c. kerby, ltd. (Ricordi)/Hal Leonard, distributor

R/HL = Ricordi/Hal Leonard, distributor

Subito = Subito Music Publishing (also serves as its own distributor)