Petrus – In Bright Array

Petrus- In Bright Array
Dan Locklair

Petrus – In Bright Array is a suite for brass quintet (2 trumpets [C], horn [F], trombone, tuba). It was originally composed in Winston-Salem, NC during the Autumn of 1988 and revised the following year. While I was Composer-in-Residence at the Brevard Music Center during the summer of 2002 the entire suite was extensively revised. The impetus for the piece was the impression made on me at the time of a first visit in September 1988 to the magnificent St. Peter’s Bassilica in Rome. Though the original version was in six movements, the 2002 revision casts the piece in five movements. The programmatic impressions of each movement are noted below.

I. Memoria Petri
Upon entering St. Peter’s the feeling of awe is overwhelming. The majesty of this monumental structure reminds each who enters that this place is Holy Ground.

II. Pompa
Over the centuries St. Peter’s has been a place of coronations for popes and emperors. As the journey is made to the Confessio and down the nave that these leaders have walked, feelings of grandeur abound.

III. Cathedra Petri
The radiance from the gold, glass, marble and bronze of Bernini’s creations speaks of ecstatic joy that is at the heart of the drama of St. Peter’s.

IV. Pietà
Michelanglo’s masterpiece of sculpture, showing Mother and Son, attest to the impact of art on worship: Lines so lyrical and beautiful, yet woven with the grief of sacrifice.

V. Pompa – Tu es Petrus
As it reflects on the musical material of Movements I and II, this short movement brings PETRUS to a close.

Dan Locklair


I. ca. 1′ 30″; II. ca. 1′ 40″; III. ca. 3’00”; IV. ca. 2′ 45″; V. ca. 1′ 10″

Total duration of Petrus = ca. 10 minutes