Dancing in the Shadows

Dancing in the Shadows
(Three Movements for Five Recorder Players, Finger Cymbals [ad lib])
Dan Locklair

Dancing in the Shadows
(Three Movements for Five Recorder Players, Finger Cymbals [ad lib]) may be performed in one of several ways:

1) With the solo performer live and the other four parts pre-recorded on tape.
2) With more than one live performer and the remaining parts pre-recorded on tape.
3) With all five parts performed live on stage. If done in this manner, the following suggestions for the placement of the players is offered:

Movement I : The soloist is on stage in the usual manner. The other four players may be placed, if possible, below stage level in front of the soloist facing the audience.

Movement II : While the soloist remains on stage in the usual manner, the other four players should spread quite widely apart and turn and face the soloist.

Movement III : As in Movement I.

[N.B. Although Movement II should display the widest spacing of the piece, I and III should also be performed with the players some distance apart.]

Ad lib Finger Cymbals (F.C.) in Movement II (player #2 only) may be played in one of two ways:

1) With a pair of Finger Cymbals held in one hand and struck together.
2) With a single Finger Cymbal mounted on a music stand and struck by a metal beater.

Amplification may be used at the discretion of the performer(s).

I am indebted to David Bellugi for his inspiration and encouragement in the creation of this piece and to him and Stewart Carter for their valuable advice on writing for Recorders – old instruments, that when brilliantly performed upon, can sound so fresh and new.

I.= ca. 3’
II.= ca. 5’
III. = ca. 2’ 30”

Total duration = ca. 10’ 30”

Dan Locklair
April 1990
Winston-Salem, North Carolina