Freedom’s Gate

Freedom’s Gate
A Fanfare for Two Brass Quartets and Percussion
Dan Locklair

Freedom’s Gate (A Fanfare for Two Brass Quartets and Percussion) was commissioned in 1990 by the Suburban Youth Symphony Orchestra of Homewood, Illinois (Stephen Alltop, Music Director). Conceived to be performed antiphonally, Freedom’s Gate is in three brief sections, with the fast, exuberant middle section being flanked by the broad, majestic opening and closing sections. Celebrating the fall of the Berlin Wall, Freedom’s Gate is “Dedicated to all to whom freedom is now a reality.”

Dan Locklair
January 1990
Winston-Salem, NC

Duration : ca. 3′

Instrumentation :

Quartet I (Antiphonal)* Trumpets (in C) 1,2
Trombones 1,2

Percussion (On stage) Large Suspended Cymbal
[May be performed by a single Large Tam-Tam
player or split between 2 (or 3) Bass Drum

Quartet II (On stage) Trumpets (in C) 1,2
Trombones 1,2
[A French Horn may be
substituted for Trombone 1.]

*Quartet I, ideally located at the rear of the concert hall, is the most technically challenging of the two quartets. If a front and rear antiphonal arrangement is not feasible, placing each brass ensemble antiphonally at the side of the stage would be an alternative. For the effect of the piece, however, it is very important that the antiphonal component be a part of each performance.