As Bright as Lightning: The Hymns of Dan Locklair

Dedicated, with gratitude, to Carson P. Cooman

As Bright as Lightning:
The Hymns of Dan Locklair

As a composer, my catalog includes works for orchestra, band, a variety of chamber music combinations, compositions for solo instruments and numerous vocal and choral pieces. However, even with the many years that I was actively involved in church music, for some reason I never got around to creating much congregational music. The modest number of hymn tunes and harmonizations that I did create (all composed between 1973-2002 for various one-time occasions) are contained in this Zimbel Press volume, which is sub-published from my primary publisher, Subito. These hymns would have ever remained stuffed in a drawer were it not for a query from Zimbel editor, Carson Cooman, in 2002 simply asking : “Have you any hymn tunes?” His question began my search and – with some revisions in order not to be totally embarrassed by youthful “sins of omission” – the results are here. In gratitude to Carson Cooman for his keen and ongoing interest and support of my music, this volume is dedicated to him.

Though obviously intended as congregational hymns, the pieces contained in this volume may also be used as anthems. However they are used, stanzas may be alternated between men and women’s voices where appropriate and varied dynamics may be added as desired. Of the hymns included here, only HESTER, MARILYN and SALEM appear with the texts that I originally chose to set with the tunes. I wish to thank Carson Cooman and Zimbel Press for their encouragement to see these hymns published and to express my gratitude to them and the authors for the stirring texts chosen to accompany these tunes.

Notes on the specific hymn tunes
NEWHOUSE AYRES (1973/79) – Named for my second and last residence (26 Ayres Street) during my nine years in Binghamton, New York, this hymn is quoted in my large 1980/81 orchestral work, Prism of Life.
NEVETS (1979/81) – The name “Nevets” is the retrograde (i.e. reverse) of my middle name, Steven, a pseudonym that I often used early in my career.
WRISTON (1982) – WRISTON is named in remembrance of my late uncle – a distinguished music critic and Juilliard administrator – Wriston Hale Locklair.
SALEM (1982) – The word “salem” is a corruption of the word, “Shalom” (meaning, “peace”) and was the name given to the original Moravian settlement in the city in which I now live and work, Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
WAKE FOREST (1994) – This tune is named for Wake Forest University where, since 1982, I have served as Composer-in-Residence and Professor of Music.
PAULA (1982) – Named in honor of my wife, Paula Welshimer Locklair, PAULA was used as the basis for the processional that I composed for our 23 July 1983 wedding.
ARCHIE (1982) – ARCHIE is named in remembrance of my late dad, Archie Greer Locklair.
HESTER (1994) – HESTER is named in honor of my mother, Hester Helms Locklair.
MARILYN (2002) – This tune was composed in honor of Marilyn Jean Keiser in celebration of her 20th year of teaching at Indiana University and is dedicated to her.

Dan Locklair
Winston-Salem, NC
March 2003