Treble Woes

Treble Woes
(for Unison Voice[s] and Piano)
Dan Locklair

Treble Woes (for Unison Voice[s] and Piano) is a brief solo or unison choral piece based on a humorous text by Edmond Kapp. Composed in 1978, it is dedicated to Kenny McManus, who was, at the time, an exuberant boy treble. Originally published by Music 70, it is now published by Subito.

In the choir I’m a treble.
And my singing is the debbel!
I’m a treble in the choir.

They sing high but I sing higher.
Treble singing’s very high,
But the highest high am I!

Soon I’ll burst like any bubble:
I’m a treble.
That’s the trouble!

Edmond Kapp

Dan Locklair
Winston-Salem, North Carolina