Verses of Peace

Verses of Peace
A Motet for SATB Chorus and Keyboard Accompaniment
Dan Locklair

Verses of Peace was composed in January 2002. Though the text is only four short sacred traditional Latin verses, the power of each verse is profound. The theme of peace provides the textual unity of the motet, just as one primary musical idea unites the composition. Verses of Peace is warmly dedicated to dear friends, Marilyn Keiser and Anne and Ted Jones.

My Wake Forest University colleague, Classical Languages scholar, Robert Ulery, has kindly provided English translations of the Latin verses. These words appear in the motet as an alternate text for choirs who wish to sing the motet in English. The texts, with their translations, are below.

Dan Locklair
January 2002
Winston-Salem, NC


Pax Dei.

Pax vobiscum.

Vade in pace.

Dona nobis pacem.


The peace of God.

Peace be with you.

Go in peace.

Grant us peace.

(Translations by Robert W. Ulery, Jr.
Used with permission of Dr. Ulery)

Duration : ca. 4′ 15″