Review: Salome’s Dance CD

From the October 2019 issue of The Diapason magazine’s review of Salome’s Dance: Robert Parkins plays the Aeolian Organ, Duke University Chapel, Durham, North Carolina. Loft LRCD-1147, 2019, $18.98. Available from

“Dan Locklair, music professor at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, was commissioned to write The Aeolian Sonata to celebrate the Duke Chapel Aeolian’s seventieth anniversary. The lovely movement heard here, In Memory—H.H.L., was written in memory of the composer’s mother, Hester Helms Locklair. Noel’s Psalm (A Sonata for Organ) was premiered in Duke Chapel, as a commission by a Duke alumna in memory of her brother, Noel Kinnamon (an English professor who counted Locklair as one of his students), whose poetry inspired the sonata’s four movements (“Chaconne,” “Scherzo,” “Aria,” and “Dance”). This substantial work should find a place in the repertoire, and the performance here provides a fine “cook’s tour” of the Aeolian’s sonic personality.”